The Genesis collection of 10,000 unique handpicked NFT cards
where avatars meet abstract art

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About the Artist

Zsolt Kosa is a renowned 2D artist with 15 years of experience via various projects, e.g. concept art and illustration in game development, brand identity building, geek fashion for Blizzard and Warner Bros., The National Gallery, etc. He created his own 2D outsourcing studio with friends in Budapest. Over the years he pledged to help other artists reach their potentials through creating art tools for them and sharing the painting process on his youtube channel.

About the collection

EtherHeads is the Genesis collection of Zsolt, creator and founder of NEOC. Every owner has permanent pre-sale rights to all existing and upcoming collections. These unique portraits are a fusion between traditional avatars and abstract art. Each NFT was built using only the shapes of the Ethereum logo. More than 70,000 portraits were generated with a unique method and the final 10,000 is carefully selected by hand to ensure the artistic quality.

Get some EtherHeads to enjoy the special traits, and benefits from the upcoming collections!
Are you ready for the most amazing utility ever? We are releasing 4 abstract art collections in April and you can have a free mint of each if you own an EtherHeads. How awesome is it?
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Mondrian Code
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Pollock Theory
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Kline Effect
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Head over to NEOC to find out more about the 4 Seconds of Abstract

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Truly unique PFP collection using the shape of Ethereum logo to create outstanding avatars

Each EtherHeads counts as 1 vote on every community poll

EtherHeads is a Genesis collection of NEOC and grants you exclusive pre-sale rights for every upcoming NEOC collection

Special Traits

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number of traits in the collection
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Art drops


10% discount on collection 4


ether head builder


10% discount on collection 3


golden cards


10% discount on collection 2




10% discount on collection 1


special traits drop

activates only if all 10,000 card sold

What we achieved so far
  • Unique card back and visual upgrade
  • Full collection of banners Airdropped exclusively for 1st Gen holders
  • AR filter created to have fun for the community
  • Banner editor on our website
  • Gif editor on our website
  • 1/1 artworks gifted to selected community members
  • Airdrops from partner collections
  • Discounts and mintpasses for future collections
  • Rarity sniper partnership
Plans for the future
  • At least 5 collection releases in 2022 by NEOC using EtherHeads as token for pre-sale
  • Keep finding suitable partnerships to introduce the brand to a wider audience
  • We will keep adding traits to the collection randomly at every Milestone reached
  • As you’ve already experienced we achieved more than what we first stated in our Roadmap. We would like to continue delivering and positively surprise you in the future, adding more and more value to your EtherHeads
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Meet the team

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Founder artist

The artist and creator himself, focusing on quality art and to fulfill his vision, to create high quality unique collections for the future homes/museums/galleries of the Metaverse and the real world (digitally or printed). He has millions of ideas, but limited time to create. Like most artists he is a dreamer who sees endless possibilities.

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Co-Founder and Project Manager

Project manager who keeps the things going and oversees NEOC. With years of experience of coordinating other high spaced digital environments. She is a sustainability enthusiast and more organized than any of the boys in the team (means lifesaver). Last but not least married to Zsolt 🙂

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Community Manager

Looking after the most important thing in the NFT space, the Community, and building the brand relationships with other projects and possible partners. A nerd who loves D&D and gaming (once he even tried out streaming, but his head couldn’t fit in the frame), Loves his family and dragged his wife into the world of NFTs.

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Brand developer

After spending her past 17 years in visual media (graphic design, art direction, photo edition) she is now exploring the world of NFTs and everything Web3. Has a keen eye and a fine taste for quality art but also a desperate collector of quirky things.

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Our beloved developer with 15 years of experience of coding. Specialized to system integration, API-s and face recognition systems. New area of interest: dApps and smart contracts.